Thursday, February 25, 2010

My new running companion!

That would be my phone!

Recently bought a new Symbian S60 based Nokia phone. One of the reason is this software: Nokia Sports Tracker

The main screen

The software uses the phone's built-in GPS receiver to track my run. It can track my running route, time and distance. At the end of it, it can show vital information about the run, average pace, total distance, lap times, steps taken, calories burned etc.. etc.. even the route taken for the run. Suitable for those who are into the sciences of these.

Workout summary screen

Workout details by laps

You can see how your speed progressed through the run

Even a map of your running route!

It takes guessing and manual tracking of runs out of the question. So there's one less thing to worry. All info logged then can be reviewed from the workout diary which tracks all the run completed. The info can then be uploaded to a web service by Nokia for us to share with the world, although I've yet to try that. Even better, tt can also be used for other activities as well e.g. skiing and cycling. Yet to test it for cycling. But I'm sure it'll work like a charm.

The only thing I wish for is ability to monitor heart rate, then that'll be perfect!

For those who have a Symbian S60 based Nokia phone and love to run, this is not to be missed! Search for it on Nokia's ovi store. And the best thing of all, last time I checked, it's free!