Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Yeah right!

In today:

An interesting excerp:

"All this while, we have been absorbing higher costs as we haven’t been increasing our food prices even after the price hikes. So I don’t see why we should lower our prices now,” he told The Star yesterday."

Absorbing higher costs? Haven't increased prices? My foot. The hawkers and restaurateurs are the FIRST to INCREASE their prices. Since:

1. Their prices are not officially controlled

2. They never actually calculate the ACTUAL COST of producing the food itself. They use the concept, 'main taram saja'. Cooking oil price increase by 50 sen per kg? Let's increase the price of roti canai by 10 sen each then. As if 1 kg of oil is just enough for just 5 roti canai! Same goes when milk price increased, flour price increased. All resulted in disproportionate price increase by them.

And yet they claim they've been absorbing? Again, my foot!

I'm not complaining about the high price. I think they have the right to sell at whatever price they want, and I in turn, have the right to choose to eat at their outlet or not. But to actually try to mislead people that they've been absorbing higher cost? That's like trying to hide an elephant in a refrigerator. You're just insulting the public's intelligence.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Not your average Sunday 2

Sunday, 26 October 2008. Woke up late, so missed my cycling at Putrajaya. Then out of nothing, just decided to go to Sepang track day, again. My fourth session this year.

This time went with Azam, my PMC friend. The usual thing, park outside first, see if there's many cars or not, only then decided to bring in my car. Cars were a bit more than the previous session in June, but manageable.

First outing was riding shotgun in Azam's Mini Cooper S. He's quite a handy driver. Slip sliding his way through some of the corners, especially T6 and T11. Agressive too, getting scarily close with other cars at T14. Worse still, his car didn't have grab handle on the passenger side... I timed his lap at 3:08, really not bad for a first timer around the full track. I'm sure he had a lot of fun too, well until he had a spin later in the session... hehehe normal lah tu Azam. Pegi track mesti spin punya lah...

Later with Azam on passenger seat, I managed only 2:58. But I had to yield at a few corners for traffic. Later when the track was clear & driving alone, managed to get an almost clean run for a time of 2:53. I'm satisfied for the moment, with what I have. My tyres are costing me a few seconds definitely. They're long lasting and already survived 4 track days, but not enough grip around the sweeping T5 & T11. With better tyres, I'm sure sub 2:50 is within reach. Top speed recorded was 194km/h. Not sure back or front straight. Up 9km/h from last session. Must be because I'm now 10 kilos lighter... hehehe owh, and this time I also removed the spare tyres. Also picked up new skill, trail braking, which I learned in Gran Turismo 4, translated to real-life hehehe

Above pic, our car in the pit. Taken with my new N5610 hehehe Sorry no action shots since we were busy enjoying ourselves on the track. Later at home discovered, my front brake pads and rotors are almost gone now. Only OK for street driving. No more track session with those. Ouch!

But that is nothing compared to this:

Yes, a Scooby caught fire!! Motorsport really is dangerous (and costly!)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Inactive Malaysians

Found this in today:

If you ask me, I wholeheartedly agree to it. I have a desk job that requires me to sit on a chair in front of a desk 8 hours of the day. At most, the work related physical activity I'm required to do is to walk to the next building to attend meetings. Even that also we normally take the elevator and escalator.

In my office, we have a gym. A complete one with all the nice equipments. Treadmills, cross-trainer, cycling machine, weights, etc... Even two badminton courts, two squash courts two more squash courts converted to become table tennis courts. And it's totally free for all the staff.

But, I would say, less than 20% actually frequent it. It's the same face day-in and day-out. But strangely, during the Open House, with the lavish food served, I see like 90% of the staff being there. And then people keep on complaining of their idle-related illness e.g. high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc.. etc.. They never take care of themselves in the first place.

So you out there, please take care of yourself. Our modern lifestyle, modern job & modern food is taking a toll on our body. We have to keep that in control. Please don't use the excuse that you don't have time & busy with your family. Or your job. Those are just excuses. If you really love your family, then take care of yourself. If not, it's them that needs to take care of you instead of the other way around. And if you got ill, you cannot efficiently do your job either.

So please, take note of that.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Apa ni?

Bukan mcm ni training nak race! Makin dekat race training makin tunggang langgang. Hari tu bulan puasa dah OK dah. Ish apa la...

Tgk graf last week, total running distance, 6 km aje! Adeh...

Rajin la sikit woi! Karang tak qualify kat powerman larat ke nak tadah telinga kene kutuk ngan kengkawan? Ahahahaha!

BTW, sesapa yg nak track running progress, boleh register kat Free ajek. Very useful tool. Full URL:

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Death Magnetic

I'm back. It's been quite some time that I have not posted. Been very, very busy with BNM's internal futsal tournament. As I'm a team manager/captain/player, so had lots of things to do. The short announcement did not help either. More on that later.

This post is dedicated to all Metallica fans out there. I'm one, has been one since mid 90's when I was in uni and started learning the guitar. I guess, anybody who started playing guitar around that time just have to learn at least one Metallica song. It's compulsory I guess hehehe

For those who missed the release, they have a new album out! It's titled Death Magnetic. And for those who are still suffering from the trauma of something called 'St. Anger', fear not. That has been ditched into the drain and left behind to a slow death. Yeah!

This album is much, much better. Miles better. Not quite the return of Metallica to their roots, but close. And nobody wants to reverse back in time anyway? This album contains a compilation of all their music styles from Kill 'Em All right to St. Anger. Those who have followed them closely, can detect a hint of everything in this album.

But their music is so much more complex and matured now. With so many different riffs in each and every song. I'm still wondering how are we going to memorize the song progression for our jamming session. Kirk Hammet has shown that he has not forgotten how to shred fast solos. And Ullrich no longer play a marching band snare like he did in St Anger...
My current favourite is track 3, 'Broken, Beat and Scarred'. Try listening to it. A powerful song with the signature riff repeated in different octaves. The riffs are just amazing and very complex. That day I tried playing it, and failed miserably

If you go the music store, they may have two versions, one is the normal priced RM56.90 full album with free T-shirt and the other one is a RM29.90 Malaysian version. Just get the Malaysian edition. The full version has lyrics, but the disc sleeve have holes cut into it, so the printed lyrics are useless. And the T-shirt is just so-so. Locally printed, not official Metallica merchandise.

So for all Metallica fans, grab this album!

Monday, October 13, 2008

So sad...

What is that? Look closely, maybe you can see it's a tortoise, a very sad one :(

This is the tortoise at my house. Actually it's my sister's, she bought two a few months ago. But now there's just one. Before Sunday, we had two very active tortoise. You wouldn't believe it. They would push around the small rock in their container making ticking sound all day long. They even actively swim in their plastic container. Trying to get out I presume. Everytime we take them out by holding the sides of their shell, they will wiggle their short legs, tickling our finger. If I put my finger near the container, they will follow my finger. When I return home at night, they'll be sort of 'happy' to see me back and will extend their heads above the waterline, as if to make themselves seen.

But after Sunday, we only had one tortoise. My mom gave away the other one to a relative's children who came for Raya. I was sad & reluctant but since my mom already said that she's giving it, I can't say anything. I cannot even see the tortoise being taken away.
Now the one that's left is so sad. I can clearly see it in it's eyes. Like it's crying. It spends most of the time hiding inside its shell and no longer swimming around. When I put my finger, it'll turn away. It keeps mostly below the waterline. Even someone as cold as me can see it was sad!
Even my mom acknoweldges that and seems like regretting giving away one of it. Tomorrow I'm gonna think of how we can take back the tortoise. Maybe buy them another one and take back ours.

It also clearly shows that animals have feelings too. So please:

1. Be nice to all animals. Don't abuse them. Even if it's just stray cats on the streets, if you can't feed them, at least don't chase or kick them away.

2. Don't adopt an animal if you can't commit. My sis bought the tortoise, but my mom's taking care of them. Cleaning the container everyday. So maybe that explains why my mom wanted to give it away. So only adopt if you know you can take a good care of them. That explains why, even I really, really love cats, I never adopt one. I know I can't commit to them. Not with a 9 to 6 daily job & 8 hobbies to do.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Rustic and charming little town

I was in Sungai Petani over the Hari Raya. Went there to my uncle's place. And of course, took the chance to visit the town. I don't even remember going to the town, even though I spent a few years of my childhood there back during the time when my late-grandfather was still serving in the Police force. And from my mum's story, together with my Pak Su, we were the 'heroes' of the police barrack when we were young back then hehehe

But back to the town, I love this town. It's a small town with no congestion at all. But with some developments to keep it up with the time. Here's some snap shots that I found interesting:

It's been a while since I had to go past this kind of rail road crossing. My previous hometown, Kluang also had one.

This is the unique and very attractive HSBC Bank building.

And I saved the best for the last. This, McDota! I bet most of you don't even know this. But before the years of McD and KFC, this was THE fast food of the day, back in the 80's. We also had one in Kluang last time

Overall, this town really reminded me a lot of Kluang. I really to visit Kluang soon.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya

Aku nak ucapkan Selamat Hari Raya pada semua. Maaf Zahir Batin.