Thursday, March 17, 2011

Trip to Gunung Besar Hantu, Jelebu

After the diving trip, next was mountain climbing & camping trip. It was the usual over the weekend trip with only one night camping out in the jungle.

Jelebu was about 1 1/2 to 2 hours away driving from Ampang, via Bukit Hantu/Genting Peres road, that I once cycled up both of these big climbs! Just don't ask me to do that in current form hehehe

Again, I'll just tell the story with pictures ;)

Having breakfast at the nearby gerai before starting the climb. Check out the roof! Cool

Kids on a quad bike. Cool huh?

Off road vehicles are popular here. This is in front of the Kenaboi team house

Preparing our stuff for the climb

4WD ride to the start of the climbing trail. Fun!

Me & our guide, Abg Sham. Enjoying the ride

Signboard to the mountain. Check out the road number. It was not really a road really!

Part of the road had caved-in. But our skillful driver managed to steer the vehicle past this

Resting on the 4WD before starting the climb

The climb to our campsite. This is a 4WD trail actually. Met a few stuck 4WD vehicles on the trail

Our bags under the makeshift tent. It then rained so we decided to camp at this spot

Anis, making star-shaped carrot for dinner

Anis, enjoying good warmth from the campsite fire

We all enjoying dinner under the starlight. Very nice!

Starting the climb on the next morning. It was drizzling, which explains the bag cover

At Kem Orkid. Supposed to camp here if not because our climb was stopped due to the rain the day before

Check out the size of the tree trunk

It was very slippery!

At the summit! It was so cloudy can't see anything beyond the summit

Anis & her 13 year old nephew, Amirul

Happy to reach the summit

Warrior at the summit

Part of the team

The bottle at the summit. Left to collect rain water in case someone's in dire need of water

Abg Sham, concentrating to the ham radio

Scene at the hot summit

The boundary stone which marks the boundary between Pahang & N. Sembilan

It was a really hard climb. I was unable to walk properly for the next two days. I would rate this harder than Nuang & Irau. Maybe because of the slippery trail or maybe because I am now 13kg overweight! Damn