Sunday, August 31, 2008

MME 2008

Firstly, Happy Independence Day for all Malaysians! Merdeka!

And for the 9th year, we had the Merdeka Millenium Endurance Race at Sepang last night. Being a motorsport fan, made my way there last night to watch the closing stages of the race, with a friend, Fahrein. Since the race was scheduled to end at 11:45PM, so we just planned to reach there at about 9:00PM. No rush.

When we get there, well the crowd is not exactly F1-crowded. But quite a number of enthusiasts were there. Some even with their families along. Great to see that.

What a visual feast on the track! Quite a number of race prepped Porsches are taking part this time. And a few beautiful Aston Martins. Not to mention the various Honda Integra DC5s, Civic FD2Rs, a lone Mitsu Evo 9. And then the ubiqutous Honda EGs, EKs, Satrias, etc.. It was quite a race as well.

When I reached there, the cars had already spent more than 9 hours pounding around the track. And these guys were not exactly taking it lightly! They were at the absolute limit laps after laps after laps! It's really amusing to see each and every car's brake discs to glow into bright red circle at the end of the back straight, at every single lap. That just show how hard these guys were pushing, themselves and the car. I thought only F1 cars have those glowing brakes, but I was wrong.

And then, the aural excitement. I'm not sure of others, but the sound of properly tuned race engines are just like music to my ears. We had the muted scream of highly tuned 4 cylinder N/A engines. Then the deep burble of the Holden and Ford V8s. That was really amusing, adn different. Then the angry bark of the Aston Martin V8 and then the loud scream of the Porsche flat six. Amazing. But the winner in the aural dept to my ears is the high pitch wail of the BMW Z4Ms of the Petronas Syntium team. Sheer pleasure. Sounded almost like an F1 engine. I kid you not! All these cannot be differentiated by watching on TV. As they all sounded the same when recorded. That's why it's still better to be there.

The race eventually was won by Porsche Club Singapore, racing the Porsche 997 RSR. Beating last year's champion, Kencana Petroleum team, also running Porsche 997 RSR. In fact all podium finisher in the Open class were running Porsche RSRs. These were just other-worldly fast around the circuit. Made all the other cars look slow. Including the Aston Martins and the Holden/Ford. Their only match I think was the Z4Ms, but not quite.

But also kudos to team Proton R3 who won Class B with their Satria Neo. A surprise to us, and I believe to many others. In fact, all podium for Class B was won by Proton runners! Amazing.

Next year, it'll be a 24 hours race instead. Can't wait till next year.

Not sure if you can hear this, but here it is anyway. Passing at the front straight.

After the race

The winner

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Org Malaysia ni generally kuat makan... semalam kitorang ada buffet kat the legend, managers kat floor kitorang belanja. hari ni pulak, buffet lagi kat le meriden. vendor & agency pulak belanja makan sbb projek dah closing & berjaya. eso kpulak ada pot-luck pulak kat ofis ni ha... ish...

dah la malaysian food ni kebanyakan very oily & byk lemak. susah la... tak makan nanti org kecik ati plak...

adeh... terpaksa la training kuat sikit 2-3 hari ni, before start puasa.

advise: try la control makan. it'll make wonders. mula² susah, dah lama jadik best makan sikit je. aku pun jenis kuat makan jugak, tapi bila try control, boleh je.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Last weekend aku gi Pulau Redang lagi. 3rd time since 2005. Aku suka giler Redang, practically aku suka pantai lah... suka main air hehehe masa first time pegi, terus jatuh cinta... pemandangan kat sana, mmg seriously, sapa tak penah pegi mmg takkan percaya cantik mcm tu...

this time aku dok kat redang kalong resort. ok la resort tu. cuma yg slack sikit, pantai dia time air surut petang tak boleh mandi sbb batu byk... tapi still, redang being redang, mmg lawa la...

and kali ni gi snorkeling tanpa pakai life jacket at all... tapi pakai fins la, which aku beli masa sale kat jusco midvalley je hehehe pakai fins boleh jugak aku try-try skin dive sekali... hehehe

ni kat taman laut redang ngan apau, organizer trip ni. cuba teka berapa umur dia?

ni tgh terjun drpd atas bot... hehehe takde keje...

posing sket...

santai jalan² pegi laguna redang...

in all, mmg puas hati lah... sapa yg tak penah pegi, mmg kene pegi at least sekali. tak pegi rugi siots...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hari ni

1. Ish, risau la plak
Sakit dada/rusuk kiri tak baik betul lagi since futsal last week. Still sakit lagi sikit. Semalam member aku kata, dia ada kawan yg meninggal sbb sakit mcm ni. Sbb sama jugak. Berlaga masa main bola. Ish....

Tadi gi jumpa doktor, check paru² OK. Just muscle strain. Alhamdulillah. Tapi kene byk rest and 'No futsal'

2. Malaysia vs China
Liu Xiang (110m hurdles) tarik diri sbb injured. Rakyat China menangis sbb dia je lah harapan utk emas track and field. Tapi diorang still support dia utk next game.

Lee Chong Wei (badminton) dpt pingat PERAK, rakyat malaysia kutuk dia kata tak pandai main & tak bersungguh. Ko main tgk lawan Lin Dan boleh menang ke tak. Apa laaa..

3. Bedul
Hari tu Inul, skrg Acril Lavigne pulak. Konsert dah kene cancel. Alasan tak sesuai dgn budaya kita, especially konsert tu 2 hari lagi nak merdeka. Apa la bedul sgt? Avril apa la yg teruk nya? Tak seksi pun. Lagu pun OK, takde unsur seks or setan pun. Takkan la just sbb dia pakai celak then nak cop dia pengaruh tak baik?

And then, kat MTV lagi byk yg lagi la dahsyat drpd Avril tu. And then dulu, PCD & Gwen boleh pulak lepas buat konsert kat sini? Lagi la seksi diorang tu.

Lepas ni takde la artis laur nak dtg lagi dah. Asyik kene cancel je. So nanti nak tgk siapa? Mawi yg perasan best tu? Or the AF artist-wannabees?

If u ask me, aku rasa ni semua sbb politik je ni. Govt nak tunjuk diorang ni 'Islamic' sbb yg komplen tu Pemuda PAS. Kan UMNO tgh discuss dgn PAS nak merge. So nak tunjuk baik la ni. Bullsh*t lah semua ni. Nanti malam merdeka, make sure jgn ada apa² konsert langsung ye. Sbb tu semua pengaruh tak baik tu!

Bedul, bedul, bedul

Monday, August 18, 2008

Ish.. tak paham bahasa ke?

Tgh hari tadi kat gym.

X: Jom main squash
Aku: Tak nak la. Tgh hari aku nak berlari treadmill la

X: Ala tak payah la berlari, main squash je
Aku: Tak nak la. Aku kene training berlari

X: Ala jom la. Petang karang, kita main badminton pulak (ayat nak pancing bagi aku belasah dia main badminton)
Aku: Tak nak la. Petang karang la kita main squash

X: Aku Isnin & Selasa kene balik awal la. Tak sempat
Aku: OK, hari lain la. (Dalam hati) WTF!!!??? Tadi beria-ia offer aku main badminton petang karang

Aku boleh hormat alasan ko, kenapa tak boleh hormat alasan aku? Respect others first if you want to be respected.

Aku ada personal target and goals. Nak make sure boleh tercapai, kene la disiplin & prepare. Lain la kalau takde apa² target, boleh la tangkap muat je...

Long weekend drive

My journey last weekend, KL -> Teluk Intan -> Sg. Petani -> Kepala Batas -> Teluk Intan -> KL. Went to visit a few uncles in the North.

KL -> Bidor was uneventful. Just boring highway drive, with a short stop at Behrang. The drive from Bidor to KL on the way to Teluk Intan was superb. Late night around 12AM, very few cars. Nice road with bends connected by decent straights. Reminded me of the journey I did in 2006 on the way to Powerman Lumut.

But the journey from Teluk Intan -> Taiping was not so nice. Took the road on my uncle's recommendation. He said the road was OK and nice. But it turned out to be full of potholes, nasty cambers and very undulating with a few jumps at places. And had to navigate through other traffic with constant rowing of the gears to keep the engine on the boil ready for overtaking. It was quite tiring. And not so nice a ride when I have my mom and my grandmother at the back seat. Pity them as that must've been quite uncomfortable to them. It was uncomfortable even to me. Remind me not to fully trust other people's judgement when it comes to driving or anything related with cars.

Then it was highway driving all the way to Sg. Petani. On the way back to KL, had to make a stop over at Teluk Intan again to drop my grandmother there. So again, enjoyed the Bidor - Teluk Intan route.

Then it was highway all the way to KL.

When I reached home, 95L of Shell RON97 later, this was what I see on the odometer:

900.9km in total. Not too shabby for a weekend right? hehehe

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Michael Phelps. The greatest Olympian?

This is not going to be another article to wax lyrical praises on the guy, there's already many floating around on the net, the print media, TV, etc.. but rather to give a different perspective of his achievement of being titled the Greatest Olympian ever.

As of 12 August, he has won 3 gold medals at Beijing Olympics, making a total of 10 gold medals from all his Olympics appearances. And for that he has been coveted as the Greatest Olympian ever. But wait a minute. I don't think so. "Why?" you may ask? Maybe some just say I'm just envious of this guy's anchievement. Nope. What I envy about him is his nicely toned body, and not much else.

You see all of his golds are from one sport only, swimming. That got me thinking, so what's the fuss? Compare that with something like football. There's only ONE bloody gold medal offered for football compared to the SEVERAL HUNDREDS being offered for swimming. And these guys have to play and win SEVERAL matches before they can win the gold. Why not have football played over 30 minutes instead of the normal 90? And another variant played over 10 minutes, or 120 minutes, or 300 minutes or anything in between. And then also throw in a variant for match played in half sized field, double size, quarter size. Then also variants for number of players, instead of normal 11 players, also have 9-a-side, 7-a-side, 20-a-side. And better still a creative combination of the above.

You may say, "Why would we want to that?" I would ask, "Why not?" That's what being done for swimming (and track athletics for that matter). 50m free style, then 100m, then 200m. Then 50m butterfly, 100m, 200m, 400m, etc.. Then we have 50m going backwards, 100m, 200, 1000m, etc.. Then they even have medley events with combination of the above! Of course there's a lot of golds to be won!

As i said, they're all practically, swimming. So when he does weighttraining in the gym for his shoulders, upper arms and back, he'll improve for all styles. Free-style, butterfly, back-stroke, whatever. Same when he's working on his stamina and cardio. It'll improve all. I admit, there's a difference in techniques and skills between the various styles, but not totally different. Not like between swimming and fencing kind of different.

So unless, he won his golds in swimming, another one in boxing, another one for shooting, another for track running, another in gymnastics, badminton, tennis, etc.. etc.. I would only call him "The greatest Olympic swimmer ever!", no doubt about that. But to go as far to call him the greatest Olympian ever, I don't think so. Not until a day when someone wins like 10 gold medals from 10 different sports. Not just 'variants' of the same sport.

OK flame me for that.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Arrgghh... aku injured

Semalam main futsal, mula² kene belasah dgn goal keeper sendiri sampai melambung. Dah elok² kejar Zul kat wing, sekali dia masuk rempuh kitorang dua orang. Tau la badan besar. 2-2 tergolek atas padang. Kene kat shin pulak tu. Dah la baru je baik shins tu. Dah tak leh lari at least a few days ni. Ish...

Lepas tu pulak ada sorang lagi berlari ntah tgk mana, terus je direct langgar aku. Bahu dia kene rusuk kiri. Hilang nafas kejap. Ada la 2-3 minit jugak duduk tepi padang. Rasa mcm paru² sebelah tak jalan dah. Sesak nafas. Lepas tu bila dah balik rumah, sakit giler rusuk. Nak bangun dari baring pun sakit. Pakai je tangan kiri sakit. Adeh...

Kene rest for a few days. Baru je plan nak increase mileage this week.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


It's August again and this is how my office building always look like in August.

That's the next block, mine is the same as well. And thankfully this year, they used thin and semi-transparent material for the flag. So people inside are not so deprived of sunshine!

Really loved the jet aerobatics pass-by last year. Hopefully, they'll have it at Dataran again this year so we can have a nice aerial view of it hehehe


Sunday, August 10, 2008

Fuh kilatnya! hehehe

boring² hari sabtu, belek² gitar. tukar string, cuci fret board, body, berus bridge semua sekali. bersih giler dah, mcm baru hehehe

ni kalau nak jual (kalau jual la, not for sale. barang cempiang) boleh dpt pulang modal ni. but then, rasanya mmg boleh sbb masa beli dulu RM2.8k, kat bentley skrg jual RM3.5k! heh heh

ni dah bersih dgn segala alat² yg aku guna nak bersihkan tu. penat jugak la...

to guitar players, ni japanese ibanez prestige model RG2550 year 2004.

In the news...

aku dah terbaca tajuk berita pasal dadah RM1j hilang daripada balai polis tu. tapi tak la baca berita penuh... rupanya, jadi kat johor! which means pak lang aku lah yg teruk menjawab pasal kes tu sbb dia ketua narkotik johor. kesian dia, dah la baru kat sana. then hari ni, main suspect pulak dah commit suicide. kene bagi sokongan moral kat dia.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Adeh, telinga berdesing...

... mana tak nya. Malam semalam jamming 3 jam kat Shah Studio Ampang. Kitorang last jamming sebulan lepas kot.

Jamming lagu² standard kitorang, Iron Maiden, Metallica, GnR + a few others je. Ada 2 lagu yg sblm ni selalu kantoi tapi semalam OK plak, Holy Diver (Dio) & Wherever I May Roam (Metallica). Best, best!

Setting baru effect agak kantoi. Ada yg kuat, ada yg tak kuat. Then sound muddy sgt, takde definition. Tak cukup mid. Kene review balik.

Tapi yg paling tensen, invite 3 orang vokalis, hampeh sorang pun tak datang. Terpaksa la sendirik main instrument, sendirik nyanyi. Iron Maiden pun tak menyanyi sambil main gitar... heh heh heh

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Respect betul la..

kat ofis aku ni ada sorang Indian uncle, org panggil dia Zack. dia ni newspaper man kat ofis aku ni. ofis aku ni ada 3 blok, total ada 52 floors, lebih kurang 2000+ staff. so kalau ada sesapa nak subscribe newspaper or magazine ke boleh la mintak kat Uncle Zack ni.

yg aku respect sesgt tu, dia boleh ingat personally setiap customer dia punya preference. dlm 52 floor tu, bukan semua order paper sama. ada org nak NST, ada nak thestar, ada nak utusan, so on... tapi dia boleh ingat setiap customer tu paper apa yg dia nak.

pastu tu pulak ada org yg customized, isnin nak the star, selasa tak nak paper, rabu nak malaymail, khamis nak berita harian, jumaat tak nak, mcm tu pun ada. pun dia boleh ingat jugak! pulak tu ofis kitorang ni kekadang staff selalu bertukar tempat. aku sendiri pun tak ingat meja ofis mate aku sbb ada 3 floor, tapi uncle ni boleh ingat jugak!

respect giler la! hehehe

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Not so smart, ain't they?

In today:

Replacing a natural biodegradable material with plastic? Not so smart there. Yes, it'll save trees in the short term, but have u guys think of the long terms effects of these plastic fish traps? When no longer in use, these plastic materials will take years (some scientists says hundreds if not thousands of years) to rot by itself.

This kind of info can be easily obtained even while resting at home, watching the Discovery Channel or Nat Geo. Probably they spend their time just watching Astro Ria i guess...

Monday, August 4, 2008


susah nya nak jadi atlit ni... makan kene jaga, training kene rajin... bila keluar tgk org lain sedap2 makan KFC, McD, pizza, terpaksa la tahan, tgk je lah... karang makan karang badan naik pulak... dah nak kene training lebih lagi.

ni baru atlit nak suka2 je, kalau international level tak tau lah mcm mana...

adoi, sedap nya pizza

yum, yum, big mac!

tgk je lah...

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Apa la...

1. Harga Minyak

Govt dah decide nak float kan harga minyak, subsidi kekal 30 sen/liter. Sebab ramai yang ungkit harga minyak dah turun. Masa harga minyak announce jadi RM2.70, mmg asalnya Govt plan nak kaji harga minyak denagn kerap, tapi orang tak nak. Alasannya sbb takut budget lari lagi. Tapi bila harga turun, ramai pulak yg ungkit suruh kaji semula. So skrg akan kaji setiap bulan. Mcm aku dengar dalam berita TV, "People don't want a price review when global oil price goes UP , but people want price review when the price goes DOWN" Errr... boleh ke mcm tu?

Lepas tu dalam hari ni: aku just nak kata, kat oversea dah berzaman-zaman orang jual ikut harga pasaran yg fluctuate. Korang kene la review balik operation korang. Anyway, orang lain business pun harga boleh fluctuate jugak. Kenapa Govt nak kene take care pasal korang punya untung aje? Dah la jual barangan bersubsidi. Kalau takde subsidi all this while, sure korang punya sales pun takkan sebanyak mcm hari ni.

2. DUKE highway

Hari Jumaat malam, aku keluar pegi KL. Then plan nak balik sampai rumah around 12 sbb nak tido awal, hari Sabtu ada race kat UPNM Sg. Besi. Tapi sampai je roundabout Jln Pahang, jem giler. Ingatkan jem biasa, tapi tak bergerak-gerak.

Rupa-rupanya DUKE highway tgh buat construction, so Jln Pahang yg 3 lane tu, kene divert masuk jalan belakang rumah orang & kene lalu jalan tanah construction area. Sure la selow giler. So jem giler. 1 jam utk bergerak 1.5km. Dalam 1 jam tu aku boleh lari 6 kali ganda jarak tu tau!

Apa la ke B*NG*NG sangat? Malam minggu mmg la org balik lewat. Kalau nak tutup pukul 12, buat la mlm weekdays kereta tak byk. Aku hari² lalu jalan tu, aku tau la, ni tak... tak buat survey dulu la ni... Tak pasal² aku sampai rumah kul 2, tido dekat kul 3 pagi. Esoknya race MUDS. Giler.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Not your average Sunday

For those in the motorsports circle are well aware that Sepang International Circuit (SIC) Open Track Day is really hard to come by. Just a few for the whole year. But last Sunday, was such a day and I was there! Already went twice this year in January and February, so its been sometime.

What a great outing! Almost missed it coz I thought the session was 3PM – 6PM, but it was 2PM – 5PM instead. But due to the really low traffic in SIC decided to join anyway even just about 90 minutes left.

The braking and exhaust upgrades did make a slight difference. More confidence under braking especially into T1 and T14. And also higher top speed on the straights. I was doing just shy of 180km/h in the last outings, but this time I topped 186! Too bad still did not take lap timing. Too busy looking at the quickly shrinking piece of tarmac ahead. But the brakes are still fading after just 4 laps. Need to look into that next.

Here's some pics of me tackling T9 SIC, thanks to evolusiotomobil website.

Downhill approaching T9

Going round the tricky T9
After the session, other than some bad graining on all 4 tires, seems to be no other damage on the car. Phew! Looking forward to the next one.