Thursday, July 9, 2009

Penang High Chapparal

IMHO, this is human greed at the finest.

Think of the following situation, I took a pair of shoes from a friend. The friend knew it, but keep silent on the notion to 'lend it out'. But now, the friend is asking back for the shoe and I'm asking him to buy me a replacement shoe of my choice for the return of the shoe I took? Silly, ain't it? But that's exactly it.

I have a feeling that Kg Buah Pala is a squatter village i.e. setinggan. And today, a government document has been declassified. My feeling was right. Kg Buah Pala is indeed a squatter village. So in a way, they are residing on land NOT belonging to them, it belongs to the state government. But they are demanding the govt to pay for them to move out! Why? Because they've been there a long time.

The document also revealed that these people are offered a RM75k terrace house for just RM1. U read it right, RM1 only, as exchange for them to vacate the land. Not just that, RM1k for moving-out costs and RM750 for renting another house for 36 months! But the villagers are asking for replacement land... even when the current land is NOT even theirs in the first place.

So now, refer back to the friend's shoe example above. Greedy.

Here's the declassified document: Click here

Monday, July 6, 2009

Can't believe it

these are the phones that I've gone though since 2000 till now

1st phone, motorola v2088 with interchangeable front bezel and keypad illumination. i have like 4-5 bezels which i always changed based on mood and situation
ericsson T28. thinnest phone on the market at that time. it's selling point

ericsson T39 after lost the above. chose it since at the time like the flip phone

1st nokia phone, nokia 6510. very small phone. the shortest phone in the market at the time probably

then, nokia 6610 after i dropped the above from the 1st floor of my house all the way down the stairs
after somewhile, back to a basic phone, nokia 2600
then changed brand to motorola, L7 SLVR. the phone that started the ultra slim phone trend. but smallish screen
afer the keypad died on me, changed to nokia 6300. very solid construction. aluminium parts. at one time, at least 3 people on my office floor used this, and a few others around me using it
then changed to nokia 5610
actually bought this twice after the 1st one met an accident and broke beyond repair. then the second one was recently stolen when my car was broken in

now i reverted back to this, nokia 6300

actually was thinking of buying the nokia 5610 again, it really does fit my requirements, very good camera, nice form factor, good looking and not that expensive. but no way i'm gonna buy the same phone 3 times!

until now i still cap myself to below RM1000 for a phone. i really admire people who keep on changing their RM1k+ phones. does it really worth that RM1k? or is it just to be the first kid on the block? and i think there's no way i'm gonna splurge more than RM2k on a phone e.g. N9x series, etc.. etc.. in the end of the day, it's just used to make calls and SMS

well to everyone to their own i guess

Desperate times, require desperate measures...

bought yesterday...
Horley's Ripped Factors. This is a protein formulation enhanced with fat burners. Well, as you might guess, one of it's purpose is to lose weight! Protein is to assist body recovery after an excercise session and this formulation is special that it also contains fat burner. So it's kinda 2-in1.

I need both. Need someting to help me recover quickly after all my sports activities. Feeling a bit lethargic and lazy lately. And my weight is not going down as quickly as planned, so decided on this.

Not cheap though. A 1.32kg tumbler is good enough for only 40 servings @ about RM8 per servings! It better do work! Luckily I can claim this from my benefits under supplements category hehehe

So at least, next time if this do work and someone ask me how do I lose weight, I have that 'secret potion' that people always expect me to tell them hehehe