Saturday, April 23, 2011

Mulu trip - 21 Mar 2011

2nd day at Mulu Park HQ. Forgot to give some background of Mulu Park It is located in Mulu, Sarawak (duh) and it is identified as a Unesco World Heritage Area. The attraction here are the complex and extensive limestone cave systems and the pinnacles, a type of limestone formation.

Getting ready for our boat ride to Kuala Litut, the start of the trail to Camp 5

Enjoying the boat ride

We stopped at a Penan village for a while. Even here there are information boards being erected. This is a tourist place

A Penan lady working on a handicraft

Check out the ears

They sell a lot of these beads handicraft. Expensive though

The men are busy making boat, out of driftwood!

A few minutes later, we arrived at Wind Cave. This is near the entrance

You can feel wind breeze through this opening

The path connecting to Clearwater Cave

Real view without flash

On the way out

Next stop, Clearwater Cave

Nice rock formation on the cave ceiling

Inside Clearwater Cave

The notch in Clearwater Cave. The notch is created by the river

The part I enjoyed the most, pushing the boat at a shallow part

Suspension bridge on the way to Camp5

Too tired. Carried heavy bag. Rested a bit

This is the hostel at Camp5. Basic but comfortable. Camp5 is the starting point before the climb to the Pinnacles

Mulu trip - 20 Mar 2011

This is looonnnnggg overdue. But people say, better late than never ;) so here's my usual photo blog of the trip

Our first night upon arriving at Miri. Dinner at a near by restaurant

Early next morning, went to Pasar Tamu for some groceries shopping

View inside the Pasar Tamu

They also sell Cencalok Melaka!

View from the flight to Mulu. Snaky river

At the airport. Our group. Anas, Farra, my wife Anis & our guide Abg Sham

It's my turn!

Our ride to Mulu. An ATR72 air plane

This is the arrival hall. Simple

And this is baggage collection

Nice canopy at the entrace to Mulu Park HQ, where we will be staying for the next 4 days

Mulu Park HQ office. Nice huh!?

Inside the office, surprisingly posh

Inside the very well maintained information center

We stayed at the hostel. But it was fun staying here

The cafe is even posher!

Fried rice, expensive though

My menu for the entire stay there. Rice with sweet sour fish

Nice canopy

On the way to the suspended canopy walk. Proper wooden walkway all the way!

Big tree!

Going up the canopy walk

On th canopy walk. It's quite a long way down really. And it swerves!

There's information board located along the canopy walk

To give some idea of the height. But difficult to capture the feeling in photo

On the way back, decided to detour to the nearby Paku Waterfall

This is the waterfall. Small one, but unique. Water flows out from a cave

Wider view of the waterfall

Anis for a parting shot of the waterfall