Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A night at Titiwangsa

that was last night's run. Great!

That marks the start of the season for me. Pace and timing is immaterial at the moment, considering the shape I'm in now. But the fact that I dragged myself out of the house and did 3 laps around Titiwangsa non-stop is already good enough, for the moment.

Let's see if I can keep myself motivated until November. Must try harder.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Remember this guy? Children of the 80's would know this.

I still remember the character. Jumping over tortoises, ghouls, smashing bricks & collecting power-ups. Sometimes hidden brick may hide special points if you know which one to smash. It's so simple and easy to play, but yet, still very enjoyable. Until today, I still remember the backing tunes of the game which I think is very catchy and easily recognizable.

Why am I suddenly being so nostalgic? I just bought an emulator program for the PC to play Super Mario. And it's been faithfully re-produced I can't help but teleport myself back to the 80's. And it's nice to know I still remember some of the hidden passages in the man-eating sewere pipes and bricks with the hidden points.

Even though I do have PS2 at home and PC capable to play some of the recent games, but still I find Super Mario entertaining. I'm just attracted to the simplicity of it. No need to crack my heads solving complex puzzles, twist my head running around in virtual world killing scary monsters or need to use all 10 fingers to press on like a hundred different button combinations to enjoy a game. This game do not even need high resources for graphics. It's all about the gameplay and it's entertainment value. It's either that or I'm getting old already hehehe

Monday, May 11, 2009

Someone should be sacked!

the strategist at Scuderia Ferrari F1...

In Malaysian GP, they held Massa in the pits during qualifying, thinking there's not enough time for others to beat his time... but they calculated wrongly and Massa did not even qualify for Q2 qualifying session. Then during the race, they put on wet tyres on Kimi's car when the rain was still a good 15 minutes away! No need to ask, he destroyed the tyres, well before the first drop of rain.

Then last night at Spanish GP, they short-fueled Massa, who was running 3rd at the time. But it was too short and he did not have enough fuel to complete the race! He had to yield to conserve fuel and bring the car to the chequered flag. He lost 3rd place to Vettel. They thought they had enough cushion to Alonso with a 16 seconds gap. Massa was doing 4.5 sec/lap slower with a remaining 4 laps. Wouldn't that equal to 18 seconds!?

What were THEY thinking?

This kind of elementary mistakes is really unexpected in the uber high-tech F1 sport. More so form a team who have won the championship umpteen time in recent years. And just let's not recall last year's season, which is just more embarassing to them.

Pics taken from: http://www.boston.com/bigpicture/2008/09/the_singapore_grand_prix.html

Buck up!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

X-men Origins

Went to watch this last night with Anis, after a quick dinner at Nando [thanks dear, belanja i :)]

Anyway, it's a great movie. Have watched the previous releases, but I think this is the best. From this movie I understand what's so great about Wolverine. How he get to become 'indestructible'. How and why he became the leader of the X-men.

The story revolves around Wolverine's life, back from more than a hundred years ago (*gasp!*). How his life went through until about now. How his brotherhood with Victor developed. His real character.

I really love the twist on what actually happened when they killed his wife/girlfriend, Kayla. It was totally unpredicted. And also some sense of humour with this character, Wade, who is a good soldier but can't keep his mouth shut. Later he became 'Weapon XI', with his mouth shut off.

I really suck at writing movie review, but this is really a good watch.


I got my driving license replacement yesterday, after a full two weeks waiting for JPJ to update their system. During which I had to pass through two roadblocks and dodge a few others. Luckily was never been asked for my driving license while going through the roadblocks *phew*

And since I was already there, renewed my license all the way to 2014! *muahaha*