Thursday, February 14, 2013

Koh Samui road trip 19–22 Jan 2012: Part 2

Morning photo before going out for our boat tour

Glorious morning sun

More morning sun

On the boat for the tour to nearby islands. I can't remember anymore how much it costed us. But it includes meals on board, with free flow hot drinks


The tour operator. In case anybody would like to contact them

Colourful kayaks on board. You may choose to kayak rather than visiting the islands or snorkeling. But I advise not to snorkel. Nothing to see here. Seriously. Was mega dissapointed with snorkeling on this trip

Our destination, Koh Ang Thong

Tourists on the tour. Transferring to the beach in a small boat

A traditional Thai long-boat, with the customary colourful clothes

Signboard of the Angthong National Park

A series of views on the island

You can camp here if you like. The tent were already prepared. Just need to rent them

Jungle trekking trail, which we didn't try since we didn't wear proper shoes, which we weren't informed of

Visitor Center of the park

Nice view of some kayaks

Anothe pic of a traditional Thai long-boat

A very nice viewpoint of several surrounding islands. Not before a long climb up a flight of very steep stairs!

Check out how steep the stair is

A beautiful lake in the middle of the island. Superb view. It's sea water by the way

Steep huh?

Another view from top. Simply beautiful

Some attractive signs on the tour van hehehe

Road of Koh Samu

Typical view of Koh Samui shops. LIned with convenience shops, pharmacy & teeth whitening dental centres. For whatever reasons

A night market we stopped by

Leather carving
Interior view of the sole mosque on Koh Samui


Guess what those empty bottles are for? 

A view of the vehicle deck

All rusty. A bit scary if you ask me

Overall, I was dissapointed with this trip. Was expecting to enjoy the underwater world, but it was dissapointing. Practically nothing to see. Koh Samui is suitable if you like to go sight-seeing and take pictures. But if you want to enjoy the underwater life, I would say Sabah is a much better choice. Which we did go, a month after this trip hahaha!