Friday, February 6, 2009

Jangan main api...

Kat Perak sekarang. Memang kucar-kacir skrg ni. 2-2 belah pihak dah gilakan kuasa. Tapi tolong lah, fikir jugak long term. Negara kita berdasarkan sistem demokrasi beraja. bukan purely 100% demokrasi semata-mata.

Keputusan Sultan Perak sangat jelas & masih dalam bidang kuasa Sultan. Tapi sekarang banyak pihak yang nak cabar keputusan Sultan. Yang sedihnya orang Melayu sendiri nak cabar Sultan Melayu.

Bila orang Melayu dah tunjuk contoh macam tu, orang bangsa lain pun akan ikut jugak. Satu contoh yg dah pun nampak (dalam theStar):

"Veteran lawyer Karpal Singh, when contacted, said he was studying the possibility of challenging the Sultan’s decision in court."

Dah berani nak cabar Sultan.

Tolong lah...

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Aku salah ke?

Semalam aku pegi melawat Ainuddin, kawan aku yang masuk wad sbb leukemia tu. Dah 2-3 minggu dia warded aku tak pegi lagi. So aku drop by la.

Tapi aku found-out dia skrg dah masuk ICU. Kene infection radang paru-paru. Kesian dia. Quite bad condition jugak. Mmg nampak sgt dia sakit. So aku pun tak tunggu lama la sbb kesian kat dia.

Tapi sblm aku balik dia pesan jgn suruh or ramai-ramai visit dia. Aku faham, sbb dia sakit sgt. Kalau org visit sure dia lagi sakit sbb bercakap dgn visitor. And jugak, risiko dia nak kene infection pun tinggi.

So aku just inform manager aku, which is also manager dia. Then manager aku dah inform Deputy Director, which in turn inform manager lain. Manager lain tu inform pulak buat announcement satu bank. Now semua org dah sibuk-sibuk nak pegi visit dia. Mana yg aku dgr aku just advise la dia prefer org tak dtg visit. Tapi rasanya ramai lagi yg aku tak dapat sampaikan pesanan tu.

So skrg aku rasa bersalah sgt. Sbb dia dah personally pesan kat aku semalam. Ish...

Anyway, doakan dia cepat sembuh ye.

Welcome 2009 - follow-up

I'm doing this as a way to keep my goals this year in view and in check.

- To further better my time in Powerman Malaysia, 4:20 maybe?
>> ummm errr no progress. not much training either up till today

- To get within the top 6 squash player in BNM (my friends not gonna like this ahahaha!)
>> still progressing

- To do 2:47 lap around Sepang
>> did 2:49 already last weekend. with new tyres and some improvement here and there, will not be that difficult

- To maintain my weight!
>> failed already! now at 71kg. already gained 3kg. damn.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Politik: cakap tak serupa bikin

dalam hari ni:

"In Bukit Mertajam, Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said all leaders under the Pakatan Rakyat coalition in Perak had pledged loyalty that they would stand behind Perak Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin.

“We prefer to face the rakyat in elections (rather than losing control of Perak to Barisan as a result of crossovers) as we are more confident with the election process,” he told reporters after meeting with six PKR leaders at Yayasan Aman, here."

Eh hari tu, siapa yg kata nak take-over Fed Govt by 16 Sept tu? Yg bersungguh-sungguh cari MP lompat parti tu? Sampai peig Sabah Sarawak? Tak berapa ingat la plak.

Skrg kene batang hidung sendiri kelam-kabut pulak? Aiseh, tak gentleman la camni.

Sbb tu la, politik ni bagi aku sama je. Mana-mana pun sama. We're just 'choosing the fairer between two devils'.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Not your average Sunday Jan 09

new season starts!

my first track day this year. organized by subaru club malaysia, especially for club members. and different from normal session, it was on saturday morning, instead of the more punishing afternoon sessions like the open trak days.

nothing much to say really. really great outing. the car was OK. tyres are almost gone now, but sadly so are too the brake pads. first time trying out the APP slotted front rotors on track. i would say, it was superb. easily shorten my braking point by another 20m at the end of the straights. and the result of al that? a lap time of 2:49! or 4 seconds faster than my previous best! new technique learnt, left foot braking which is really useful. good to see my lap times going down at every visit. and i was very comfortable going round the track. not so nervous anymore.

but it's going to be a very expensive trak day since i drove past a policeman on the highway to sepang doing 130km/h+ *sigh* surely will get summoned. additionally had a small chip on my front windscreen from a flying gravel.

well, what to do. part and parcel of the experience i guess hehehe

p/s: sorry no photos for the time being. still using a borrowed notebook which i can't download my photos into