Monday, August 29, 2011

Selamat Hari Raya

I would like to wish anybidy who's reading this Selamat Hari Raya & Maaf Zahir Batin.

A long post for my US trip is due, but I'm just too lazy to sieve through the photos hehehe I'll try my best to put up something

Friday, August 5, 2011

Kayak across Pacific?

I can't help myself on this one. I was curious how far is the distance from Taiwan to Los Angeles, so I checked out direction from Google map. I tried it's best to give a workable direction and see what's the direction at number 107, kayak across the Pacific Ocean! hahaha

Over the route, I was asked to kayak twice across the Pacific hahaha

BTW I'm off to the States between 6 Aug to 18 Aug. Can't wait!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mulu trip - 26 Mar 2011

Part 7 of 7

Since our flight was quite late and we still had our rental car, we toured Miri town. Had nasi lelapan for lunch. A Miri specialty

We visited the first oil rig in Malaysia, the Grand Old Lady

Another view of the Grand Old Lady

We visited this Petroleum Museum

Nice scale model of an oil rigging platform. Wish I have one at home!

We then stopped by at the craft center. This auntie busy working with beads

Later at a Paras Malam, they sell slightly backdated magazines without the cover. At really cheap prices, like RM2 instead of the usual RM10. Have no idea why or how

Sarawak specialty, the delicious Kek Lapis.

Colourful kek lapis

Miri even have a nice beach! But it was not swimmable. Current is strong at this area

Another view of the beach

Mulu trip - 25 Mar 2011

Part 6 of 7

Time to leave. At Mulu Park airport. Simple. Check out the weighing machine. The conveyer belt for luggage at the background

Although small, the airport still have baggage scanner

Our ride back. The impressive ATR72 aircraft

Upon reaching Miri, we rented a car and drove to Niah Cave, about 100km away. What a difference after Mulu! The place was very basic and nowhere near as posh & nice as Mulu

The main cave. Very large area and lots of steps to climb!

We walked all the way to Painting Cave to see pre-historic paintings. But they were so faint & very difficult to appreciate. Looks better in photos though

Wanted to spend the night at Niah Park, but the chalet was full(!). So we returned to Miri and spent the night there. Had some proper food at Miri, but the chicken tastes different that in Peninsular. Serious

Mulu trip - 24 Mar 2011

Part 5 of 7. Our 4th day at Mulu Park. Jungle trekking to Garden of Eden

We had to pass through this cave first, Deer Cave. A very big cave. My camera flash can barely light the interior, hence very few shots of this place

Us, enjoying ourselves at the Garden of Eden waterfall. The walk to here was full of leeches! Yucks!

A view of the waterfall and the clear pool

View downstream

On the way back. Re-entering Deer Cave. Garden of Eden was part of the cave. But it has collapsed and became a valley

Peeking out to the Garden of Eden. The stream runs through the cave. We swam along the stream to this spot actually

Small cavity we had to pass through

A view inside the massive cave

Nice limestone formation

This is in Lang Cave. Small cave, but full of nice limestone formation

In the Lang Cave, formation called jellyfish

Mulu trip - 23 Mar 2011

Continuation. Part 4 of 7 of our trip to Mulu Park

Since we didn't get to do the Pinnacles, we spent the spare day to do this. An intermediate level caving experience to Racer Cave. Kind of challenging, but really fun!

Us, enjoying ourselves during the expedition


Big limestone formation. Nice eh?

The cave is named Racer due to this Racer snake. There was quite a lot of them inside. And they survive in pitch black condition in the cave!

The cave is small, but at places it opens up like this

Water dripping, opportunity to clean ourselves

That formation is hollow and when knocked on makes drum like sound

A squeeze. I barely made through it. Dramatised, of course

Our Kenot after the caving expedition. All dirty!

Back to the dormitory. We surprisingly prefer this place rather than the posh chalet we stayed the night before

At night, Kenot getting ready for night walk

Pretty lizard. I think some people call this cicak tokek?

A frog, posing for us

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Mulu Trip - 22 Mar 2011

Looooonnnnnnggggg overdue. Continuation of previous 2 posts

Parting shot before leaving Camp 5. With dissapointment of not having climbed the Pinnacles

View of Camp 5

I did not make it!

Bye bye Camp 5

No! No Pinnacles

Another view of Camp 5

On the way back, big tree isn't it?


Very clear water!

Kuala Litut sign

8.8km to Kuala Litut. 2 hours? Yeah right

Hello again!

Visiting Royal Mulu Resort later in the day

Scary looking building... one of the chalets at Royal Mulu Resort

Check out the guy collecting driftwood

Our room for the night

Big chalet, but was told can only accommodate 6 people? The resort trying to milk more money maybe