Sunday, November 28, 2010

Powerman Malaysia 2010

This is a bit late. The race was on Sunday, 14 November 2010. So that was 2 weeks ago.

This year, I did the sprint race. I know, I know, I have done the full distance race for the past few years. But this year, I have a totally different target. Previously I did the race all for myself. I don't have any motivation other than proviing to myself that I can do it. It was always about myself and what I can do.

But this year, I was doing it for my dear Anis. I've trained her for a few months now. She has also agreed to buy a road bike to do the race. I was so proud of her determination and effort in completing the race. She was not really into sports all this while, so even the sprint distance race would've been quite hard for her. But as people say, there will always be the first time ;)

The day did not start quite well for us. It was drizzling when we left the hotel. Not really ideal condition, but at least hopefully it would help to cool things down a bit later in the afternoon. We had prepared our bikes the night before. Everything cleaned up, adjusted and tyres all pumped up. But while loading the bike into the car, Anis noticed her front tyre was flat! So a scramble ensued to change the tube. Lucky it was her tyre, if it was mine with the crappy Panaracer, it would take a lot more time and effort to fix it. But the tube was changed in about 5 minutes or so.
Then at the race venue, parked the car and start to unload our bikes. All ready, then another problem. Had an urgent need to use the toilet for big business! So a quick dash to the nearby Petronas station was needed. It was already very late. Transition closes at 7.15AM and it was already 7.10AM. But we managed to check in our bike into transition, just.

7:30AM was the race start for the full distance racers. Ajo and Aidil were doing the full distance race, but didn’t see them at the start line. Lost among the hundreds of participants. 10 minutes later the delay runners were released. We only started at 7:20AM, but not before the leaders in the full distance category to reach the stadium again to complete their first lap. Already? Damn.

At exactly 7:20AM, off we went! We took it easy and slow jog all the way to complete the first run of 5.5km. Aidil caught up with us at around 2 km mark, then somewhere near the stadium Ajo also managed to overtake us. He was determined to complete the first run under 66 minutes as I advised him.

After 45 minutes, we were into transition area. Quickly grabbed our bikes and most surprisingly, Anis did not forget anything in transition. She managed to remember all the things that I told her to bring for the bike leg. Off we went. Not really at a fast pace because our target was completing the race. A lot of other riders zoomed pass us, but we just did the cycling at our own pace. 1st U-turn Anis was getting tired a bit, but still going strongly. In fact on the way back we did had riders drafting behind us. So we were doing good.

After 90+ minutes on the bike we reached transition for the final run. Again, Anis remembered all the things she was supposed to do in transition. Something that even I myself sometimes forget. In fact, again, I brought the mini pump along in the rear pocket. Oh well... The course was getting a bit hot. And Anis was having some mild cramps in the calf. So we took it easy. We still had a lot of time to complete the race. So we just walked briskly along the course stopping by occasionally to enjoy the relief at the water station. BTW, why they had Revive isotonic drink at the station but only give out plain water?

After 3 hours race time, the finish line was getting closer. And as usual, Anis still had some energy left in her for a short charge to the finish line! So we finished the race alright! To my surprise we both were given nice finisher medals for our effort. I didn’t expected that. Thanks to the organizer.

So after that race Anis managed to fullfil her promise to do the duathlon race. We didn’t set good time for the race, but what's important, we finished the race comfortably. That was more than enough for the amount of training that we have put in.

Now it’s time for me to fulfil my promise to her, to obtain open water diving license hehehe

P/S: sorry no pics for this post. Obviously I was busy running & cycling

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Welcome back!

It's been AGES since I last updated this. My apology for the few people who may been following and reading this blog of mine (if there's any in the first place). But just gotten myself a brand spanking new notebook, which means I can now do my computing almost anywhere, in relative comfort, so I should make an effort to update my blog as frequent as possible.

Quite a number of things had happened since the last update, so I'll just make a post to summarize all happenings.

1. I got promoted!

Finally I got the promotion to become Manager! Alhamdulillah, after my 3rd interview to become one. But better late than never. But my work is still more or less the same as the last few years, just that now I actually have staff to manage and do things for me. Along with that, moved to a bigger space at office.

From this:

To this:

2. Malakoff University Duathlon Series 2

The second in the series, in subsequent weekend. Was supposed to do this as well, but I woke up late! So only Anis did it. This time she did it witrh Aishah, another friend of her who also did the first run. The route was quite challenging and the run was actually off road, through a jungle. I changed role to become a photographer instead, which was quite interesting actually. Seeing the race from a different perspective

Anis at the finish line

Anis & Aishah

3. Malakoff University Duathlon Series 3

This time Anis did the whole race by herself! I was with her all the way. After the event she is now considered a certified duathlete! I was so happy & and proud of her. As usual, we did it slow and easy, but we did finish it

4. Camera upgrade

I sold off my Nikon D3000 and bought a pristine, used Nikon D300 (notice one less 0) and loving it to bits. It really gives me more flexibility and very, very quick. It also feels like a proper SLR camera!

From this:

To this:

5. Trip to Bangkok

It was not a holiday trip, but I was chosen to represent Bank Negara Malaysia in squash for the Inter Central Bank Games! Actually I was asked to replaced a few others who was not able to make it to the event. But I was more than happy to provide my service! The squash team won the games rather easily against the other teams from Monetary Authority Singapore, Bank of Thailand and Bank Indonesia. From then, I was also asked to play again for the recent Inter Bank Squash tournament. I guess I achieved my target to be one of the top 6 squash player in BNM then!

Before the matches

We won!

6. Genting Trailblazer

This was quite recent, just last weekend. But I was not participating, Anis did. It was a team event, consisting of two per team. She did it with Sarah, who later I found out is Dino’s a.k.a. Heidilee fiancĂ©e. So this time, again I was there as a photographer. Well it was a good opportunity for me to test the speed of the D300 anyway. Some photos from the event below

Anis, Farra & her partner, Dan

Anis, after the race and dirtier

7. Newton run

Did this with Anis and Amal. It was a 12km run. Did close to 2 hours, but I got a medal for it! Anis & Amal however did not, for some reason

8. Trip to Jerangkang Waterfall

What a nice place. Needed an hour 4WD ride to go in, but it was worth it. Also tried canyoning i.e. abseiling in the waterfall, for the first time