Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year to all!!!!

would like to wish everybody a Happy New Year!!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

woot! woot! woot!

new stuff installed yesterday

an APP slotted front rotors to replace the worn stock rotors. the circular lines are not scourings and hope they'll stay that way and survive a few track days. the blue housing bell really suits the car's paintwork and elevates the car's 'fast looking' factor a few notches up ahahahaha

later at home, found out the stock rotors were at the minimum thickness already. phew, luckily nothing bad happened when using them. but boy, those rotors are damn heavy! i'm not kidding!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Last one, enough already

The last track session in 2008, well for me at least. On last Sunday 21 Dec. Enough already! Was it 5 or 6 times this year? Wow!
Tracking is a load of fun, but this is what it'll do to your car.

Bad 'graining' on the tyres, and,

Bad scouring on the brake discs. *ouch*

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Setelah 8 1/2 tahun bekerja...

... akhirnya aku ambik MC buat pertama kalinya
Semalam kene cirit-birit yang teruk sampai totally dehydrated. Masa pegi klinik dah terlampau teruk dehydration sampai dah tak larat nak berjalan & naik tangga. Baring pun badan menggigil, even aku tak demam.

Hari ni pun still sakit perut lagi sikit² now & then.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Not your average Sunday 3!!!

What? Sepang again? Hehehe yes.
Received an SMS on Saturday of the open track day and since I didn't drive last week, and was so itchy seeing my friends enjoying the wet session, decided to go. Again, went with Fahrein. Arrived a bit late at 2:30PM. Managed to do 3 laps before the session was red-flagged. Then all of us had to endure this:

It was raining cats and dogs. And it did not stop for more than an hour. The track was only opened again around 4:20PM. Even then, we had water running across the track at a few spots. But how enjoyable it was! In trying to keep my post short, I'll put in highlight points form.

- 1st spin at the high speed downhill T5. Tried to take it in 4th gear. Big spin, almost into the gravel.
- 2nd time off at the same T5. Managed to catch it but still skidded to the run-off area
- Spun at T14 while exiting under power
- Spun at T10 under braking (!)
- Almost lost it a few times while exiting T4, but managed to keep it under control
- Surprising amount of grip available under braking to T1 and T15...
- ... but kicked off the ABS many times under braking to T7
- four wheel drifting around T3 and T8 was huge fun!
- Absolutely zero front-end grip around T1 & T2
It was great fun & a good learning experience. Still not brave enough to press the throttle earlier. Have to learn to catch oversteer. The tyres are quite bad in the wet, thinking of different brand for my next set.

Welcome to Negeri Sembilan

Last Saturday, for the first time, cycled up Genting Peres. Actually, it's kind of ironic since this route is very popular among cyclists, but after close to 3 years, I have never done it. Went with 3 other JomKayuh friends, Faris, Ajoo & Abang Zack.

After a short 'detour' (read: lost), I reached the RV point at Bt.14 Langat around 8:15AM. Quite late already. Planned to start by 7:30AM. The first few kilometers of the ride was quite dangerous. There were many earth movers (read: lori hantu) on their way to the nearby quarry. And knowing these group of drivers, they're among the most reckless drivers you can find on the road. So we had to be really careful.

After 5 km, things changed. We have passed the quarry and traffic was getting really sparse. The climb have begun. It started off just like that. The road suddenly turned sharply skywards and did not let off a single bit for the next 3 km or so. Underestimating the climb, I charged way too fast and had to stop twice on the way to the peak. Silly me.

But the downhil was just superb! An average of 60km/h to the bottom. A car who was trailing us also did not manage to keep up. At the bottom, met a few other cyclists passing by the area. Later I learnt that I just climbed the dreaded Bukit Hantu which is famous among cyclists for it's hard climb.

After a few more kilometers, stopped for about half an hour to fix my rear tyre puncture. Damn! I think it was the 3rd or 4th time I had a puncture on the same tyre. Need to send it to the shop for checking.

Then on to the next climb. A 10km climb to Genting Peres. Actually, it was really similar to Genting Sempah. With the Orang Asli village along the way, the road snaking around the hillside with long and steep drop on one side. But, this route is a bit more open and exposed to the sun i.e. hot & warm. The climb is gentler compared to Bukit Hantu so we did not take any stop along the way.

At the top, I saw the famous 'UMNO Jelebu' signboard which marks the end of the climb. We stopped there for rest and of course, took photos.
Then it was another superb downhill to the bottom back to Bt. 14 Langat. But the only thing is, from the bottom of the climb to the RV point, we had to endure about 10-15km of laborious and boring rolling hills. It was not fun. And it was already getting very hot. Made worse when you have a ride buddy who doesn't want to share the work and let you stay in front & pull all the way. All when the body has already shut down after the downhill and the long-ish rest stop.
All in all, I would rather do Genting Sempah. Similar, longer climb. Cooler. Have the option of going to Janda Baik or all the way to Bentong. No need for a boring rolling hills on the way back. And it's easier to get to as well. I actually had to endure a 2 hours traffic jam going back from Langat since I had to go through the bloody congested Ampang area. Not fun when you have spent a few hours on the bike saddle, in a bad need for food and rest.
But anyway, we made it back in one piece.

Friday, December 12, 2008

In the mail yesterday

... was this

Actually, I have forgotten that I'll get a certificate for the race. It's now posted on the notice board at my cubicle hehehe

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Not your average Aidiladha

... as you guessed it, another Sepang tack story. But this time, I did not drive my car. I am not 100% confident of the puncture repair with one of my tyre.

Went with a close friend, Fahrein, a motorsport enthusiast, and a few of his cousins who are also into motorsport! He was driving his wife's Swift Sport to Sepang for the first time. BTW, his wife is also into motorsport. Well, now you know why we're close hehehe

Suzuki Swift Sport
It was raining heavily and very slippery. On the way from my house to Sepang, already seen a few cars had an encounter with the guard railings/divider. Mmm.. maybe it's a wise decision to leave my car at Fahrein's house.

At Sepang, met with Fahrein's cousins in a Toyota Levin AE111 and a new-ish Honda Civic Type R a.k.a. FD2R. Quite many cars were there actually, even though it was Aidiladha. Well, mostly are Chinese. So many different type of cars this time around. What I noticed (and remembered) are a pair of Mitsubishi Airtrek, Toyota Caldina GT4, Mini Cooper JCW & a sweet Mini Cooper track car, BMW E46 325i & M3, BMW E60 530i, 530d & M5 (great car, 'poyo' driver though), Toyota Vios (!) & Altis (!), Audi A4, Merc C200K, a howling Toyota Supra, Fiat Coupe Turbo, etc.. etc.. Not to mention the usual suspects i.e. the various Evos, Rexes and FD2Rs. But the star of the day was this:

Yes, the awesome (and bloody expensive) Godzilla a.k.a. GTR35. In equally awesome matte-black colour. Lucky sod.

Yummy! Mini Cooper Challenge car, driven by drift star, Tengku Djan

So many fellow scoobies

1st outing - Suzuki Swift Sport (Driver: Fahrein)
Since I was not driving, all I can do was tag along on the cars. Well, that's why I brought my helmet along hehehe He was taking it carefully. Just checking grip level. From the looks of it, it was bloody slippery. The proof? The session was red-flagged after just 2 minutes being started, someone already went off-track.

The lap was mostly un-eventful as the slippery condition did not permit hard driving.

That's a genuine E60 M5 and a Mini JCW beside it

2nd outing - Toyota Levin AE111 (Driver: Mu'amil)
I have timed this car & driver. He was doing 3:09 laps in such condition, on wet racing tyres. Nevertheless, the time is sensational anyway, considering the car is more or less stock!
When I was in the car, the first corner was kind scary. He was late-braking like mad, but then I found out, the car has very good brakes and grip level from the wet tyres are just superb. Almost unbelieveable amount of grip was available from the tyres.
Being a race driver, he was super-brave in his driving. Getting very close to the car in front and overtaking people left & right. I would never do that on track, for the sake of avoiding a collision. And he also have very little mechanical sympathy. His driving style is quite brutal. But I guess, that's just his style.
But the laps were really enjoyable. He did overtook so many cars, FD2Rs, Evos, S2000s, etc.. etc.. Impressive stuff
3rd outing - Civic FD2R (Driver: Hichame)
I timed the car to be around 3:12 in the condition. So it's a bit slower than the Levin. But the ride is totally different. It was very comfortable. Almost too comfortable to be on a track hehehe Well, it's a brand new car anyway. And surprising amount of grip available from the semi-slick RE-070 tyres.
When I was driving behind this car in Sepang, it was super-fast, but when I was inside, it didn't feel as fast as I thought. The push-in-the-back feeling is not clearly felt. Acceleration felt a bit blunt and ordinary. But the engine just pulled cleanly all the way to the redline. It's advantage is it's gearing which suits the track very well.
The FD2R that I get to ride on. The one on the left

Overall it was a fun outing, even I was not driving. A different perspective. The star of the session to me was this white Subaru Impreza RA-R which was putting in 2:54 wet laps. Which was just a second off of the vastly more powerful GTR35. Thinking of it, I did 2:53, in the dry. Ouch!
Damn, I need more practice.

A very nice Evo 6. The car that hooked me on to Jap rally reps

Cars lining up on pit lane

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Salam Aidiladha

... kepada semua umat Islam. Semoga membawa keberkatan & keinsafan dalam diri masing-masing.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha

Friday, December 5, 2008

To budding artists...

Hari ni kat ofis, using our internal chat:

Kawan X/... elo Fren
Hanafi Mohd Na... yes
Kawan X/... bz ker?
Kawan X/... ko masuk treasure hunt?
Hanafi Mohd Na... x masuk
Kawan X/... alamak
Kawan X/... aku nak ajak ko perform ni
Kawan X/...
Hanafi Mohd Na... ko nak main berapa org ni?
Kawan X/... kalau dpt 3 udah la
Kawan X/... ko bleh lead
Kawan X/... kuang bleh ikut
Kawan X/... sorang lagi
Kawan X/... any idea
Kawan X/... minggu depan prektis
Kawan X/... khamis, dan jumaat
Kawan X/... camana?
Hanafi Mohd Na... laaa baru nak carik kuorum ke?
Hanafi Mohd Na... then tak nak
Hanafi Mohd Na... too short time
Kawan X/... ko kan tererrr
Hanafi Mohd Na... this is not individual performance
Hanafi Mohd Na... it's band
Kawan X... yo la
Hanafi Mohd Na... everybody needs to work together
Kawan X/... khamis kita test la
Kawan X... amacam?
Hanafi Mohd Na... sorry too short notice
Hanafi Mohd Na... nak advise la kan
Hanafi Mohd Na... this kind of things is performed by a band
Hanafi Mohd Na... each one of u need to feel connected as one band
Hanafi Mohd Na... all needs to have the same interest & the same idea & the same target
Hanafi Mohd Na... it's not easy
Hanafi Mohd Na... it's not like u just call up someone and he will just agree to what you want to do
Hanafi Mohd Na... well unless he's a paid professional
Hanafi Mohd Na... then it's another matter
Hanafi Mohd Na... if not
Hanafi Mohd Na... willingness is the key word
Hanafi Mohd Na... next time kalau betul nak peform mcm ni
Hanafi Mohd Na... plan awal²
Hanafi Mohd Na... talk with the people
Hanafi Mohd Na... let them voice their opinion & discuss first
Hanafi Mohd Na... u may need to accomodate to that as well
Hanafi Mohd Na... not just simply call up someone
Hanafi Mohd Na... and expect them to willingly do as to how u want it to be
Kawan X... ermmm
Hanafi Mohd Na... it's not gonna happen bro
Hanafi Mohd Na... this is my advice from my experience
Hanafi Mohd Na... putting together a band yg dah main for 5 years
Hanafi Mohd Na... & futsal yg dah main for more than 2 years
Kawan X... ermmm
Kawan X... payah ni
Hanafi Mohd Na... who said it's easy?
Hanafi Mohd Na... unless kalau ko nak perform on your own
Hanafi Mohd Na... then no problem
Hanafi Mohd Na... or u pay for your own musicians lah
Kawan X/... ni free
Kawan X/... mana ader payment
Kawan X/... hehehe
Hanafi Mohd Na... tu la
Hanafi Mohd Na... that's why u need to connect with the people first


Actually, ni bukan first time dia ajak aku buat performance on stage. Tapi mcm ni jugak la. Dia dah decide & nak dictate everything. Then expect the musicians to just say 'OK' & play along. It's not that simple. It's not that easy to influence people to work as a team to achieve a common goal. Especially, when that goal is your self personal goal.

BTW, this friend, we hardly even talk. Just the occasional 'Hi' when we bump into each other during lunch. Which makes thing, even harder.

Satria Neo

For some reason, lately I have a 'thing' for Satria Neo. I think this is a very good looking hatch. Have seen some tastefully done-up Neos on the road and they really caught my eye. Not those beng-ish type with mega bodykits though. Just some subtle bodykit with front lip, side skirt & rear 'diffuser'. Nice.

Really wish Proton have the engine to back up that good looks. With the 1.6L Campro, it's a bit underpowered. Forget about the 1.3L version. The over-due Neo CPS should be better, but just. In reality, what it needs is a proper 2L engine with at least 180hp to be competitive with the likes of Renault Clio RS or VW Golf GTI. Just forget about the Renault R26, Civic Type R or the yet-to-be-released Focus RS for the moment. 180hp should be just enough for one fun hot hatch.

The car already has good handling. Proven umpteen times on the track. An almost stock engined Neo can easily harrass a Mini Cooper S around Sepang! And the Cooper S is not really a bad handling car to begin with.

Wish I have the capacity for a second car, then I can consider a Neo for 'general driving'. Nothing's wrong with my current car. I love it to death, but sometimes it asks a bit too much of commitment to drive. Requires full-concentration with throttle and steering. The ride is a bit harsh. Then have to always be careful of where I park it. And sometimes the unwanted attention and stares it attracts. Not mentioning that all kinds of drivers, in all kinds of cars, from Kancils to Evos would want to 'cucuk' me on the road. It's wonderful when I feel like 'driving it', but for some other times, a bit tiring.

A black Neo R3, yummy! (Asking price too expensive though, better off doing up the normal version)

And this is the MEM S2000 Rally version. 4WD with 280hp from 2L N/A engine. Sweet!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

RM2k+ for a tyre puncture?

This bloody puncture almost costed me RM2k+ to repair

Actually, to my eyes it looked like a simple repair job actually. But yesterday, I brought it to a tyre shop near my house. I've used to go there for a few years when I was driving Proton car. So I went there again just since it's convenient.

They tried to fix it, the normal way using that rubber plug thingy. But it didn't fix it well. Air was leaking, slowly. Then they started to offer me to replace the tyres. They showed me a pair of used tyres, which I'm really not keen of, but still looked just to be polite. They also recommended me their Goodyear tyres, which I had to pass, since I don't want to mix tyres. It'll wreak havoc with the car's balance and the drivetrain. And they don't have the correct size for my car anyway. Also I didn't want to blow RM2k+ just because I have one punctured tyre since I will need to change all four tyres! So I paid them RM5 and left with my spare tyre still on.

Then I remember my friend have fixed a 1" long tear on his tyre before. At a shop somewhere in USJ. So today I planned to go there. But on the way, stopped at another tyre shop to try again. Like asking for second opinion. They just put another rubber plug and the leak was OK! And the good thing is, it just costed me another RM5. Damn! That was easy.

Luckily I didn't have the urge (or financial capacity) to splurge RM2k+ on a new set of tyres. If I had the cash, probably I would've. They would buy my tyres, cheaply as trade-in, repair the puncture and make money re-selling it.

That's why, always be wary when you send your car for repairs. It's really hard to find a trustworthy mechanic. And if you find one, please stick with him.


isnin & selasa lepas, aku pegi course kat kitorangnya training center. dah lain dah HCDC (dulunya HRDC - Human Resource Development Center. tukar jadik Human Capital Development Center, ceh tu pun sibuk nak tukar).

interior dah renovate, cantik dah. tapi bila pegi toilet dia, taadaa!

ada lagi pintu koboi ni! masa toilet ni style bangunan 80's dulu mmg dah ada, tapi bila dah renovate, ingatkan dah buang, tapi ada lagi hehehe aku notice, actually dinding tu semua dah re-tile, tapi diorang pasang balik pintu koboi ni

caya lah!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Pure ranting only

Something's are better left untouched. For me at the moment, that is relevant for handphone form factor. Less than 2 months ago, I bought a Nokia 5610 XM phone. Costed me close to RM1k. I know some people blow much more money on their phone, but for me, it's the most expensive phone that I've ever purchased, PDA phones not counting.

I bought it mainly for it's 3.2 megapixel auto-focus camera. But it also happens to be a slide phone, which I'm not really keen of in the first place. But had to buy it anyway since the N73ME is just so much bulkier than I though it was. Less than 48 hours using it, the LCD screen went dead, when I was sliding it open. The repairs took 3 days to complete. It meant I only get to use it less than the time it was in for repairs.

And yesterday, the slide mechanism is acting up. It's kind of stuck and really difficult to slide. I really hate to need to send if for repairs, again. And I didn't drop it or bang it or anything, it just happened.

It's a stiff reminder that I should stick with candy bar phone form factor from now on. No slide, no flip, no twist phone for me. They're all just not reliable enough. Not that I'm a careless person, in fact I'm probably the most careful person with things that you'll ever find, seriously.

Now hope I'll get some extra year end bonus to replace this phone. *sigh*